4 Most Effective Ways to Keep Oklahoma Coyotes Away from Your House!

Coyotes are crafty, smart, and opportunistic nuisance Broken Arrow creatures. As their numbers in the community arises, they are becoming bolder. They are also becoming accustomed to the presence of human and they have learned how to live in an environment with humans. Once these brave coyotes started to invade our premises, homeowners will have the responsibility to prevent them from establishing their habitat close to them to avoid any conflict and confrontation.

Effective Ways to Keep the Coyotes Away from Your Property

In this article, we listed some simple methods that are proven effective to ward off the Oklahoma coyotes. This will make sure that you will stay away from the dangers associated with this wild creature.

1. Fencing

When installing a fence that is intended to keep the coyotes off our Broken Arrow property, it should at least have a height of 6ft. It needs to be buried at around a foot below the ground. With regards to the vertical spacing, it should not be greater than 4 inches. Coyotes are agile and creatures and can easily leap on fence that is lower than 6 ft. If you have a livestock that you need to protect, fencing would be the recommended solution. In case you are concerned that they may dig under the fence, you can also place barbed wire on the surface. Electric fencing can also be excellent but it comes with additional cost.

2. Hazing

Simple hazing method can frighten the Oklahoma creature and drive them away. Creating loud sounds will have an astounding effect towards creature with excellent hearing ability like coyote. Simply banging the trashcan can scare the creature. You can also yell and create loud noises. For the coyotes that are invading the farms, propane exploders may just be the right answer.

3. Remove the Attractants

While the coyotes will prefer to hunt the live animals, they are opportunistic eaters and will eat anything that is edible. This is why we need to find a way to restrict their access to the food sources. Avoid feeding the coyote since this will encourage the creature to return to your property. Make sure that your garbage can will be tightly secured. All wastes should be discarded in the proper manner with the perishable goods at the bottom of the bin. Remove any waste residue that is found outside of the trashcan. Clear the fallen fruits on your yard. You should also feed your pet indoors.

4. Call the help of the Wildlife Removal Experts

If none of these methods work or in case you are too inexperienced to try any of them, hire the service of the Oklahoma professionals. Most of them are using the humane method to guarantee that the creature will not be harmed. They can also determine the best way to deal with them after they have been captured.

These are simply 4 methods that you should try if a Broken Arrow coyote invaded your property. Coyotes can attack your pets and family members so you should act immediately and find a way to manage their presence.

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