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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Broken Arrow! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Broken Arrow, OK. Providing a reliable and competitively priced animal removal service is what we have been doing for nearly ten years, and if you have any animal concerns around your home or business, then we should be your first point of contact. We have a team available to take your call 24/7 and can usually arrange for a technician to be on-site and starting to resolve your problem within 24 hours, and often on the same day. You can be confident that the service we provide will be effective as we carry full liability insurance and are licensed by local government, and we have hundreds of positive reviews on sites like Yelp or Google Reviews. We will never use poison to deal with your animal infestation, as it is inhumane and often dangerous, so our animal removal experts will find the most suitable way to deal with your issue. We offer a full repair and sanitization service as well after the pest animals have been dealt with, so we can bring your home back to its best and with all the holes caused by the animals sealed and closed off. Call us now at 918-771-3006 for your Broken Arrow wildlife control needs.

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Broken Arrow Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Ways to Keep Flying Squirrels Out of Your Oklahoma House

Flying squirrels may appear harmless but they can cause damages once they gain access to your Broken Arrow property. For instance, when they are trying to find an entry point to our house, they can chew the walls to create cracks and holes. You want to make sure that your house will be protected against their presence. The flying squirrel will often retreat to our houses during the winter months. Our house offers the perfect space to raise their young ones due to the warmth and security it provides. 

Prevention of Flying Squirrels

In order to eliminate the possibility that you will encounter an Oklahoma flying squirrel in your yard, there are some things that you need to do. You may need to inspect the different parts of your house to identify the things that you need to fix.

Removing the Attractants

If you want to make your Broken Arrow house less attractive in the eye of the flying squirrel, you will have to remove the things that draw their attention. For instance, you should not leave the pet food outside at night. You should also clear the fallen fruits. All these things will be tempting for the flying squirrel. Trees that are situated close to our house can be used by the creature as a bridge to access our attic.


Repellents will not give you a long-term solution but this may also be effective when you combined it with the other methods in this list. For instance, you may use decoys such as hawks and owls that will scare them. Wildlife creatures are smart and it will not take too long before they understand that these decoys do not present danger to them. In order to make it more effective, there are decoys that will move when the wind blows. You should also change the position of the decoys every day. There are also motion-activated water hose that will drive away the creature. However, the flying squirrel can easily find a route that is beyond the reach of the water hose.

Home Modifications

Simple home modifications can help you keep this small creature off your Oklahoma property. You should start by finding all the gaps, cracks and crevices that they can use to enter the house. You may cover it with steel plate, hardware cloth or wire mesh. You need to cover your chimney with a chimney cap. Your vent should be sealed by wire mesh. You should also repair the damages in the roof, windows and doors. Flying squirrels are flexible creatures and slightly smaller than the average squirrel. This enables them to fit even on tiny holes.

Prevention will not always be effective against Broken Arrow flying squirrel infestation. Some of the preventative measures may also be time-consuming and not all of us will have the time to do them. Once you notice the sign of their activity, you should contact the wildlife removal agency. There are specialists who have been trained in dealing with this type of infestation. They have the equipment and knowledge to extract the creature safely and efficiently.