The Symptoms of a Broken Arrow Sick Mouse - What to Watch Out For

Even Broken Arrow animals will be sick from time to time. Unfortunately, if we do not know about the common symptom, it will be challenging to tell if a mouse is sick. The usual illness of the mice may range from the usual allergy to a serious cancer condition. Some of these illnesses can be transferred to humans. This means that if you have a pet mice, be sure to wash your hands immediately after handling them. Here are some of the usual illnesses of the mice as well as their symptoms.

The Common Colds

The colds of Oklahoma mice are pretty similar with the colds of the human. Usually, the sickness will clear after a week. Initial symptoms of the cold will include fatigue, shaking, watery eyes, and sneezing. If you have a pet mouse, you need to make sure that you will supply them with fresh water and food. Their nesting area should be dry. They need to be in a place that is comfortable and stable. In case the condition of the mouse did not improve in a matter of 4 days, this can progress in a more serious condition. 

Salmonella Poisoning

Just like humans, the Broken Arrow mice are highly prone to food poisoning. If you have a pet mouse, be sure to wash your hand before handling them. This will minimize the possibility that they will be infected with the bacteria that cause salmonellosis. Some of the symptoms will include loss of appetite, dehydration, shaking, and diarrhea. Their feces will be moist and it will have a strange color instead of the usual dark shade. In case the mouse has this infection, they will need to drink water regularly.


The diarrhea of the Oklahoma mice can be a result of high amount of food, stress, or salmonellosis. This will be common among the adult mice. While this may not be a serious condition, the mice will still need to drink liquid often in order to avoid dehydration. Once the creature reaches a critical point of being dehydrated, the creature may die after only a few hours. Diarrhea that persists for 2 days may lead to severe repercussions. They will need a great deal of rest to remain strong.


Mice are also highly susceptible to tumors particularly the adult Oklahoma mice and those that have poor immune system and health. Usually, the tumor will manifest as a fatty lump on its back and side. In case the tumors are cancerous, there is nothing much that the pet owner can do something about it. Mice have a very low survival rate when they went through surgery. The recovery, infection, drug, and stress will be quite challenging for the mice. If this is benign, this will not be an issue. 

As a responsible Broken Arrow pet owner, you will need to remain aware on the symptoms of sick mouse. You will be able to determine their right condition and look for the appropriate cure. To make sure that their condition will not worsen, you need to provide them with immediate medical attention. 

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